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October 2017

We have a dream! Our dream is to experience healthy ecosystems on a world level. We seek a clear atmosphere, balanced CO2 levels, clean and fresh air, many great bio-diverse forms of life, trash-free seas full of beautiful coral and precious sea life, endless areas of tropical forests, sustainable soil and food systems, and a lot of joyful people contributing to this beautiful earth.

The Bold Earth Cleaning Intelligence is an attempt to create significant environmental change on a world level. Our main goal is to tackle complex issues that have impacts on a world scale, with solutions that are as simple and close to nature as possible. We have identified four major areas, which are interrelated in many ways. These four, because they are inter dependent. Balancing one field has a positive influence on the others. 

The methods we advocate are assets to a thriving economy and ecology, powered by and for the people worldwide and with the help of universities and other partners.

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