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AIR – Clean air and healthy climate

Goal 1: slow down climate change.


  • Convert CO2 into something that is useful and not dangerous for the environment (algae, other plants or compress it into solid materials so that it can be used as building blocks for houses).
  • Invest in CO2-neutral and clean energy generating projects (cars, planes, ships, houses, buildings, factories etc.).
  • Facilitate devices for motors (planes, ships, cars etc), to catch the CO2 as well as particulate emissions.

WATER – Clean and healthy seas

Goal 2: clean up the plastic soup in the seas.

The plastic soup (or patches) are debris particles in roughly five big areas in the world’s oceans, affecting at least 267 species worldwide, including humans. 

  • We aim to clean up the plastic pollution in the seas worldwide.

LAND – Sustainable agriculture and restored tropical forests

Goal 3: invest in sustainable agriculture and tropical forests


  • Preserve and recover tropical forests.
  • Invest in organic farming projects.

PEOPLE – Conscious and active people

Goal 4: educate and activate people. Which will have a positive effect on (and is needed to implement) all of the topics above.


  • Inform people about the ecological state of the world, what we’re doing, and ask them to contribute to solutions.
  •  Call on everyone to realize their dreams around serving the greater good; invest in clean energy, invest in organisations that preserve and recover tropical forests, prevent & recycle garbage and to invest in (projects of) the foundation, thereby making it possible to continue the work.